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About HUR Group

Mission Statement

The Human Rehabilitation Group (HUR Group) at the Texas A&M University seeks to 1) understand how the central nervous system controls human sensorimotor behavior in Bayesian optimal ways, 2) understand how neurologic impairments affect normal and optimal behavioural principles, and 3) rehabilitate neurologically-impaired patients to restore the normality and optimality of their sensorimotor behavior.

Key Words

The key words for HUR Group may include motor control, rehabilitation, rehab robotics, biomechanics, neuromechanics, and virtual rehabilitation.

Specific Goals

To achieve the mission of HUR Group, we aim to the following specific aims.
  • Development/Identification of biomechanical models for human behaviors
  • Development of sensitive diagnostic tools for identifying neurologic pathologies
  • Development of portable rehab robots for long-term sensorimotor enhancement
  • Clinical evaluation of the developed tools and robots